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Oak View

  • Yoga K-5


  • Run Club K-6

Hollin Meadows

  • Yoga K-6 Free and Reduced Lunch Price Rate
  • Yoga K-6 Regular Price

Wakefield Forest

  • Zumba K-6

Cunningham Park

  • Hip Hop K-5

Lees Corner

  • Run Club K-6 Regular Price for Non-PTA Members
  • Run Club K-6 Discounted Price for PTA Members

Lees Corner

  • Hip Hop K-5 Regular Price for PTA Non-PTA Members
  • Hip Hop K-5 Discounted Price for PTA Members

West Springfield

  • Zumba K-5

Belle View

  • Hip Hop K-5

Franklin Sherman

  • Hip Hop and Glow Light Dance Party K-5

Rolling Valley

  • Sports Mix K-3


  • Sports Mix K-3

Bush Hill

  • Sports Mix K-3

Kings Park

  • Hip Hop K-3

Willow Springs

  • Zumba K-6