Yoga Instructors

Deniese Murphy

Deniese Murphy joined NOVA Kids in Motion after working with 5-8 year old children, teaching Zumba Kids and Yoga classes. The practice of yoga helped her value the importance of each moment and appreciate nature and all it has to offer. She currently teaches Dance, Yoga and Run Club for kids and loves every minute of it! She is excited to pass on her love for fitness to her students. She is is a personal trainer and she graduated fro the French Culinary Institute for Pastry Arts in 2009, she creates healthier pastry alternatives for all dietary needs. After attaining experience in 5 star hotels, high end restaurants and small businesses, she decided to expand her goals to include fitness, coaching, and nutrition to be well-rounded role model for others.

Tracy Hartmann

Tracy has been enjoying yoga for over 13 years. She has been teaching yoga to preschool children since 2006, ages 1-5. She completed the 20 hour Budding Yogis course at Circle Yoga in Washington D.C. This opened up new horizons for her to learn to teach yoga to ages 2-12. Tracy has accumulated a large base of knowledge over the years in adult yoga and has adapted some of this for children to enjoy. She emphasizes fun and has lots of props, toys, books, music and original games that energizes her classes! This past year she added Pilates to her fitness regimen. She graduated from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County and worked in newspaper advertising for 12 years before having her two girls. Both are now in college. Tracy is more than ready to jump into the after- school yoga teaching world!

Kayla Kesselman

Kayla is a passionate person who has been practicing yoga for the past 4 years and enjoys sharing her love of yoga with kids. She has her bachelors and masters degrees from West Virginia University in the college of Media. This university is where she actually developed her love for Yoga. She started taking dance lessons when she was 10 years old, and she went on to pursue her love for dance by receiving a minor in dance. With being naturally flexible, she decided to not give up on her talents. She received her 200 hour RYT training in Vinyasa yoga at Thrive Yoga in Rockville, MD, and has high hopes to strengthen her Yoga practice by someday teaching at a resort overseas. She currently works full-time as a Communications Officer for the government. When she’s not doing yoga she dedicates her spare time to increasing her flexibility, reading love novels, binge watching a great TV series, spending time with her Golden Retriever, taking videos/photos, traveling/hiking, and hanging out with her friends and family. Kayla teaches kids yoga and dance fitness with a dynamic, energetic, compassionate, humorous, and fun approach.

Jacklyn Sotelo

Jacklyn is new to the states. She recently moved her from her native county Mexico once her husband gained employment as an engineer here in Northern, VA. In 2015 Jacklyn received her yoga instructor certification and in 2006 she she graduated as a psychotherapist. She has taught children’s yoga for 1st-6th graders for 13 years in Mexico at several local elementary schools. She looks forward to continuing to work with kids with our team of instructors and working with K-5 kids that we serve is her favorite age group. She volunteers with us in addition to raising her 7 year old twin boys and practicing yoga with them.

Natalie Morales

Natalie is thrilled to share her love of dance and yoga through Kids in Motion! She’s been acting, singing and dancing since she was a child growing up in Los Angeles, California. She moved to Virginia and was an FCPS student herself, so giving back to the community that shaped her is a delight. After graduating with a BFA in Theatre Performance and VCU, she is exploring how to connect her many passions. She is a yoga teacher, performer, and wellness promoter. She is dedicated to sharing the benefits of movement and play with people of all ages. Group exercise is her favorite way to work out because we are motivated by our community and get to share in the joy of dance and yoga together!

Jen Munroe

As an avid martial artist, I discovered yoga in college and quickly recognized its benefits when combined with my daily routine. In addition to easing muscle tension from my active lifestyle and a clearing my mind, I also felt more optimistic and enthusiastic. My passion for fitness inspired me to start teaching yoga so that others may experience the same benefits for themselves. I was inspired to teach kids yoga when a family member approached me asking if yoga could benefit a cousin. I now teach both children’s and adult yoga. “I have a mod for that,” is a comment I often say to my students. No matter where you are at in your body and abilities, I can help make the pose more accessible. “Absorb what is useful… and add what is uniquely your own” – Bruce Lee. This quote has been an inspiration since I started doing martial arts in college and continues to inspire me in yoga. Yoga is for everyone. I strive to help people feel empowered and confident in themselves so that they can find their own truth in yoga.

Suria Carvelho

In 2015, Suria completed her first 200 hours yoga teacher training  (TTC) in Ashtanga Yoga in Thailand with Lorraine Taylor. After completing her TTC, she returned to her home country  (Brazil) and taught for a year, after which she returned to India to further her education as a Yoga teacher and deepen her spirituality. During her time in India, she did another 500 hours Hata TTC and worked teaching yoga, pranayama, and meditation in India. She continued her journey in South East Asia and went on to teach in Cambodia and in the Philippines, before coming back to the United States where she is currently residing. Suria currently lives in Washington DC and has a regular schedule of classes at Yoga del Sol, International Capoeira Angola Foundation and at Yoga NoMa and now at Roda. Suria is caring, gentle and compassionate. Her passion and dedication to awakening and transformation through the path of yoga is visible and touches those who come in contact with her.

Jennifer Eubank

Jennifer is a 200-hour CYT Yoga teacher from Arlington, Virginia and is currently
earning her 500-hour certification. She teaches yoga to all ages throughout the northern Virginia area at yoga studios, schools, community centers and retirement homes. She follows an overall Hatha Yoga approach that combines breathing, poses, mindfulness training and meditation. She has hundreds of hours of experience teaching kids and is well versed in making it fun for the kids while giving them the tools to better navigate an ever-changing world. Confidence and calm are Jennifer’s key goals she want’s to pass on to the kids she comes in contact with.

Victoria Erickson

Victoria has her bachelors and masters degrees from Virginia Tech in the college of Architecture. She has designed many communities along the east coast. Her study of land and community combined with her passion for nutrition and wellness give her a unique perspective to teaching yoga. She earned her 200 hour yoga instructor certification. She plays many instruments and is a professional artist. Victoria likes to combine both of these languages into her yoga lessons which makes for fun and expressive classes designed specifically for children.

Lissia Amach

Lissia grew up in Paris, France where she has taught English and French literature for more than ten years. She believes that well-being is a pedagogical tool, and understands how stress can be an impediment to students’ learning and academic achievement. In short, a relaxed brain performs better. Trained in relaxation and yoga in Paris, she integrates the skills and approaches she learned into her classroom and lesson plans. She revels in watching her students gain in self-confidence, helping them learn from their experiences and turning perceived “failures” into opportunities for self-improvement and individual advancement. In her spare time, Lissia dedicates herself to improving her ashtanga yoga practice, reading, traveling, writing poetry, and preserving our

Cassidy Ketchum

Cassidy currently lives and work in Alexandria VA. She has over 3 years of experience teaching children in a classroom setting. She has about four years of experience practicing yoga and working with children ages 3-17. Her hobbies include hiking and camping with her dog Bourbon who is an 80 pound pit bull mix. Cassidy also works as the legislative aide to the Vice Mayor of the City of Alexandria. She is passionate about community activism and she also enjoys writing and reading poetry.

Colin Fitzgibbon

Picture Coming – Colin is a massage therapist and teacher of Kundalini Yoga and meditation. His recovery from a surgery at age 10 catalyzed a deep process of learning about the body-mind connection and led him to study yoga and massage therapy as tools for self-healing. Struggling with ADHD at a young age also eventually led him to discover meditation as an invaluable resource for calming the mind and focusing his boundless energy. He is eager to share these empowering techniques with children, especially during a day and age in which electronic distractions and emotional upheaval are more prevalent than ever. Colin earned his BA in anthropology from the University of Miami in 2013, his massage therapy certification from Educating Hands School of Massage in Miami, FL in 2017, and completed his first 220-hour Kundalini Yoga teacher training in early 2018.

Margo Prizby

Margo Pryzby has been teaching yoga to adults and kids in gyms, yoga studios, ice rinks and schools for over 7 years. She received her 200 hour RYT training at Beloved Yoga in Reston, and continues her yoga education through workshops and specialty training whenever she can. Most recently, she spent a week at Sträla Yoga in New York, learning natural movement techniques from Tara Stiles and Michael Taylor. Margo’s yoga style is informed by her experience as an ice skater and her love of all forms of dance. In addition to yoga, Margo has also taught ice skating to students of all ages, from toddlers to seniors, specializing in putting anxious and fearful skaters at ease, allowing them to build confidence at their own pace. She also teaches yoga to figure skaters.

Before yoga found her, Margo had been a congressional staffer, a logistics analyst, a Montessori school teacher, and a paralegal advocate. After taking off about 20 years from full-time employment to raise and homeschool her kids (now 17 and 21), she has returned to school to get a master’s degree in health promotion. In her future private practice, Margo plans to provide health and wellness coaching for individuals, yoga classes for small groups, and wellness program planning for organizations.

Ben Schmidt

Ben is originally from a small town in Southern Vermont and has lived most of his life in New England. Ben’s fitness journey began a couple of years ago when he realized that part of growing spiritually is growing physically. Coming from mostly a “run on the treadmill and lift weights at the gym” background, Ben decided to try something new and stepped into a Hot Yoga studio. He says, “Changing my routine, changed my life!” The owner of Hot Yoga Lake Placid saw Ben’s passion for Hot HIIT and asked him to become certified to teach. Teaching Hot HIIT and Yoga has taught Ben so much about himself and allowed him to be of service to others. Helping people have the correct form, develop stamina and endurance, and break through barriers brings Ben great joy and satisfaction. His mission aligns with the mission of Kids in Motion. Being of service to others through coaching and teaching is a joy for him.