Zumba Instructors

Jennifer Wallace

Jen is a California girl who thinks teaching dance is her dream job. She has been dancing since the age of 6 in ballet, hip-hop, jazz, and musical theater. In college she was the choreographer for her travelling show choir and graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Human Development. After becoming a mother to three children she stumbled into a Zumba class and was hooked. She is a certified Zumba and Zumba Kids Instructor. She has taught over 200 Zumba Kids classes and hopes to stay dancing for life! When she’s not dancing Jen does a lot of administrative work for NOVA Kids in Motion. So chances are, if you email us, she might be the one replying!

Toneshia Proctor

Toneshia is a Native Washingtonian, but now residing in Manassas, Va. She grew up dancing since the age of 7. As a cheerleader in high school and college, Toneshia also assisted in teaching hip hop, jazz and cheer dance. She studied elementary education at Towson University and is a licensed Zumba Instructor as well as a certified AAFA group fitness Instructor. Toneshia has had a passion for dance since a young girl and also shares this passion with her own 2 young children. Toneshia also coaches and is the commissioner for the Fairfax county SYA basketball leagues. She enjoys teaching Zumba and loves all forms of dance. Toneshia believes everyone should Laugh, Love and DANCE!!!!

Susan Haldeman

My name is Susan Haldeman, I am a mother of 4. I love music and I have been dancing since preschool. I received a Bachelors Degree in Psychology in South America, Lima, Peru, where I was born and raised until I was 21. In order to pay my college, I was a background stage dancer on a Peruvian TV channel. I moved to America after college, about 20 years ago. I currently work independently as a personal trainer and dance fitness instructor. I came to Kids in Motion in 2017 and I instantly loved it!! I want to thank all of you parents for allowing me to incorporate my music, my dance moves, and myself to your beautiful treasure!! I can’t wait to get to meet you all. (Ms.Susy)

Kayla Kesselman

Kayla is an athlete who has been practicing yoga for the past five years and enjoys sharing her love of yoga with kids. She has her bachelors and masters degrees from West Virginia University in the college of Media. This university is where she actually developed her love for Yoga. She started taking dance lessons when she was ten years old, and she went on to pursue her love for dance by receiving a minor in dance. With being naturally flexible, she decided to not give up on her talents. She received her 200 hour RYT training in Vinyasa yoga at Thrive Yoga in Rockville, MD, and has high hopes to strengthen her Yoga practice by someday teaching at a resort overseas. She also was a sprinter and hurdler on her middle and high school track and field team, where she won multiple awards and medals for her fast running ability. She currently works full-time as a Communications Officer for the government. When she’s not doing yoga or dance she dedicates her spare time to increasing her flexibility, reading love novels, binge watching a great TV series, spending time with her Golden Retriever, taking videos/photos, traveling/hiking, and hanging out with her friends and family. Kayla teaches kids yoga, dance, and run club with a dynamic, energetic, compassionate, humorous, and fun approach.

Dawn Campbell

Dawn grew up in a military family and has traveled all over the world. She played a few sports as a kid but was not a ‘natural athlete’ and preferred reading to physical activity. She graduated with a BA in International Relations from Michigan State University and moved to Washington, DC. In 2001, she decided to challenge herself to run the Baltimore Marathon and found that she actually did like exercising! She ran Marine Corps Marathon in 2002 and the Army 10-miler in 2005. In 2009 she attended her first Zumba class and fell in love! She became a Zumba instructor, focusing on Zumba Kids, to share her love of exercise with children, especially her own!

Nyshana Howell

Picture Coming Soon – My name is Nyshana Howell. I’m from Washington D.C. and I currently live in Maryland. I have worked with children for 5 years. I have been dancing since the age of 3 and I became a dance coach at the age of 18 after I graduated. I’ve also worked at dance studios over the years. I always wanted to be a teacher and coach because I love children. Working with kids brings me joy and makes me feel like I’m still next to my sister who always loved to dance. Being a teacher/coach is a passion for me and I get to see how much children can grow as they learn different genres of dance and having fun while doing it! I am a very spiritual, creative, outgoing, kind, and genuine person. I believe kids can teach you just as much as you can teach them. Now that I have joined Kids in Motion I am so excited to teach your kids!

Akida Anniwan

My name is Akida and I’m a sophomore at UC Davis studying Design and Economics.
I’m Uyghur and I came to America 6 years ago. I’ve grew up learning my traditional
Uyghur dance and later on expanded my interest into hip hop and jazz dance. I’ve
always loved dancing since the age of 6 and have performed in various school
performances and competitions. I feel like dance is a way I can freely express my
emotions through motions and release all of my stress. I’ve taught kids at a summer
camp for 2 years and seeing kids progress makes me really happy and fulfilled. I love
working with kids and I hope to have more amazing classes with my future students!

Rithika Murugesan

Rithika is a student studying computer science at George Mason University. She grew up in Northern Virginia and has loved dancing from a young age. In high school, she was on the Field Hockey team. Her introduction to dance was Bharatanatyam, a form of Indian classical dance, which slowly led to her passion for other Indian dance forms including, Bhangra, Raas/Garba, and Bollywood. She choreographed dances with her friends for summer performances, danced in high school, and finally was part of her fusion college dance team, Mason Ke Raang! Her hobbies include watching anime, dramas, art, henna tattoos, and fashion. She believes dance brings people together and spreads joy, and is so happy she gets to do that through Kids in Motion!

Marwa Abdelrazek

Marwa earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and is now in the fitness field. She really started to love fitness after having her twins. She wanted to get back in shape and help others improve their lifestyles as well. She loves to help people achieve their fitness goals as a group fitness instructor and personal trainer. She can’t wait to teach children with Kids in Motion!

Leeann Soyka

Leeann is a DMV native and has a passion for expressing creativity through dance. She
has been dancing since she was five and has learned a variety of styles over the years such as ballet, tap, jazz, modern, Zumba, and even Irish dance! In high school, she helped teach kids ballet at The Brilliant Ballet Camp and taught classes at her local dance studio. She received her Bachelor’s in Psychology at William & Mary and is currently pursuing a Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at George Washington University. Her hobbies include listening to music, hiking, and exploring new places in DC. She can’t wait to teach with Kids in Motion!

David McNeil Jr

David is a DMV native, born and raised in P.G. County Maryland. He has been dancing since the age of 3, where he learned hip hop, contemporary, ballet, and modern. He has taught several hip hop master classes to students all over the DMV. He has competed in different competitions such as Red Bull Dance Your Style. He enjoys dancing and teaching people of all ages. He cannot wait to meet the students and start teaching with Kids in Motion.

Val Hodge

Val is a creative from Moldova who loves crafting, writing, spirituality, holistic healing, and dance! She was a competitive Irish dancer for 7 years, competing throughout central Europe and the Southern Region, US. In 2012, she placed 4th at the European Championships and 2nd in the German Open Championships. Her passion for Irish dance expanded when she began dancing with McGrath Morgan Academy’s performance group in 2016, where she put her creative ideas to light! Val’s expertise lies in dance choreography and dress designing. She has a passion for teaching all forms of movement including running, yoga, and of course, our beloved dance!

Urielle Sossou

My name is Urielle Sossou, I was born & raised in Montgomery County, Maryland. I have been dancing since a young age and eventually took up cheerleading in high school. Since then I have been coaching. I love & enjoy music but also really enjoy watching the growth of others. Especially when it’s something they have challenges with. My favorite color is purple and I love to laugh. I can’t wait to laugh and get with our Kids in Motions friends!

Angel Rivera

Angel is a student at George Mason University studying Accounting and Environmental Science. She loves dancing and listening to music. Her introduction to dancing started from a young age with ballet. Angel has taken college classes in modern dance and had participated in Quinceañeras since she was 12. Her hobbies are reading, and she is currently a swim safety instructor and a dance fitness instructor for kids. 

Victoria Omekam

Vicky Omekam, a remarkable individual with a passion for movement and inspiring
young minds through her dance and cheerleading abilities. Born and raised in Arlington,
Virginia, Vicky began cheerleading during her high school years at Wakefield High
School, where led the varsity cheerleading team for all four years. After graduating from Coastal Carolina University, Vicky decided to share her expertise and enthusiasm for cheer and dance with others. In 2017, she embarked on a coaching journey, becoming a mentor for an after-school cheerleading program. Beyond the world of cheerleading, Vicky’s love for movement extends to various dance styles. With an impressive repertoire that includes West African, amapiano, hip hop, and jazz, she is a true expert when it comes to bringing rhythm and expression to life. Vicky boundless creativity and knowledge in these dance styles make her an exceptional teacher inspiring her students to explore their own unique dance journeys, with her warm and friendly demeanor, Vicky Omekam radiates positivity and strives to create a nurturing environment where children can flourish.

Wida Razaq

Wida is originally from Afghanistan but grew up in Northern Virginia. She lived in Texas for over five years and moved back to the area two years ago. Wida grew up loving to dance and perform for her close friends and family. When she got older, she started dancing in social groups and taking classes in Salsa, Bachata, Merengue and indo-African dancing. She is currently a director at a behavioral therapy clinic for children and adolescents with Autism. Combining her love for dance and children is what motivates her to be part of Kids in Motion!

Kristel Amaya

My name is Kristel, I am a Certified Nurse Assistant that discovered an interest in
childcare and became a nanny, my passion has always been dancing and I became a dance teacher and an educational tutor for the children under my care working as a Childcare Provider. I danced in a competitive all styles dance group for five years, where I had the time of my life! My favorite styles are hip hop, contemporary and latin dance. I
was a (Cachiporrista/Porrista) in my school back in El Salvador, which translates into
somewhat cheerleader, through those years I was also attending ballet classes, and
that’s where I discovered my love for back bend/bridges, I can say I have been dancing from a very young age. I now attend zumba classes, play soccer for fun and I have discovered self-care which makes me very happy, I have a small dog that I believe has a hiker’s soul, and I enjoy time exploring nature with him and making videos about it, I
enjoy arranging flowers and decorating my home. My plans now are to start learning to
bake cakes, join a dance team and have a great time teaching fun classes with Kids In

Edita Gajumova Dolunts

Edita was born in Armenia and moved to the US with her family in 2009. She speaks Armenian, Russian, and English. Music and Sports have been her focus all her life. She played field hockey for 16 years with the Soviet Armenian champion team. She also worked as the vice-principal of an art-youth center in Yerevan, Armenia, where she taught thousands of kids. She also has a Master’s Degree in classical vocal performance from the Komitas Conservatory. At her Church, she is a soloist and choir master for the choir. Zumba is her passion, and every class she teaches is a chance to spread joy and fun. She has certifications in Zumba, Zumba Kids + Kids Jrs, Aqua Zumba, Zumba Gold, Zumba Gold Chair, Zumba Step, Zumba Toning. She is a certified Group Fitness Instruction (AFAA) and teaches at Sports and Health and a number of private clubs. She lives in Vienna with her family (four strong sons).

Tseyon Equbagzie

Tseyon (Tee) is originally from Ethiopia and has lived in Virginia for almost 16 years with her brothers and sisters. Tee has a Master’s degree in Information System and Business Administration. She has worked as a Sunday school teacher at an Ethiopian Orthodox Church with kids ranging between 4 and 13 years of ages. She offers an excellent and fun-filled Bible educational experience to her students. She has a 6 years old daughter who loves to dance and read books. She can’t wait to start dancing with the kids after school! 

Theresa Molina Slaiman

Theresa recently moved here from Arizona to Washington DC. She has been doing dance and theater all her life. She started working in 2000 at a rec center with children doing movement and theater, She also taught adults Latin dance, Zumba, and cardo fitness. She moved from Ohio to Arizona and started teaching kids dance classes for ten years. She really loves kids and dancing! She became assistant director for Art and Sole musical theater in Arizona where she helped choreograph and give kids the energy to shine on stage and her love has not stopped to this day for fitness and teaching kids.

Jennifer Miller

My name is Jen, and I’ve been teaching children since I got my B.A. in Education, from the University of Northern Iowa (Go Panthers!). I grew up loving everything active and all sports, especially dancing and playing basketball and volleyball. So, after graduating, it was natural to meld the joy of being an educator, with my passion for health and fitness. I began by teaching teens the basics of health, math, and reading. Over time, I  broadened my scope to include fitness classes for all ages of children and coaching school sports. Along the way, I’ve picked up a personal training certification through the US Military Academy at West Point, taught soldiers and their kids, and designed workout programs for everyone from elementary school students to US Army generals. I’m eager to bring my creative, compassionate approach to teaching your children self confidence through movement, self discovery, and an understanding of their own mind body  connection. Be brave, be bold, be you!

Line Corvari

Originally from Norway, Line Corvari has lived in the US since age 5. She has lived in McLean, VA for 20 years and is married with three children, whom she has coached in multiple sports over the years. Although Line started her career in advertising and has a BA from James Madison University, she is now in her 5th year of teaching preschool. Since her favorite part of the preschool day is when she does music & movement with her students, Line decided to combine her love of Zumba and teaching children by becoming certified in Zumba Kids. Staying active is a priority for Line and her family and she tries to share that spirit and enthusiasm with her Zumba kids.

Anya Avilov

Anna (“Anya”) Avilov is originally from Russia and has lived in Virginia for more than 20 years with her family. Anya has a Master’s Degree in Computer Science and currently works as an Independent Consultant in the Information Technology and Project Management fields.

Anya’s love of dance began at age 6, and Zumba is the best dancing outlet she has found in years! She pursued her teaching certifications in 2010 after taking her very first Zumba class and is currently certified to teach Zumba, Zumba Kids, Zumba Gold and Zumba Toning. Teaching Zumba motivates Anya to constantly practice and stay in shape while encouraging others to do the same! She has a passion for working with children. While her two daughters were little, she taught at their Montessori school and once they started public schools in Reston, she continued to volunteer there. Teaching kids and adults Zumba is a fun and rewarding experience for Anya where she can share her love of dance with others!