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Active Kids

At NOVA Kids in Motion we take pride in helping children get active and enjoy the process. This generation spends a great deal of sedentary time due to the hours in school and screen time at home. Just as adults need to move and exercise regularly as a big part of being healthy, growing children are just as much in need of active lifestyles. Kids who are active on a regular basis will build stronger muscles and bones, have a better chance at controlling body weight, decrease their risks of type 2 diabetes, possibly lower blood cholesterol levels and blood pressure, decrease stress, and improve their outlook on life. Working out regularly makes the heart beat faster, thus improving heart function and the body’s ability to deliver oxygen to all of its cells.

Exercise for kids can be fun, it is play time for them to spend with their friends and participate in a fun activity. From dancing, to playing kickball, to participating in yoga for increased flexibility and coordination, Excel Into Action offers a variety of programs for kids to enjoy and stay active.  There are many physical activities children can be encouraged to do at home, including riding bikes, playing tag with neighborhood children, or playing sports with siblings or friends. Children can have fun just about anywhere, so encourage them to get outside!


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