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Children Learning to Love Fitness

One of our biggest goals at NOVA Kids in Motion is to create experiences where children will learn to love Physical Fitness. If children develop a love or a passion for an activity early in their life it can benefit them for their whole lives. For example, children who take our Kids in Motion Zumba Club class will learn that dancing for fitness can
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Healthy Lunches

NOVA Kids in Motion believes in the importance of healthy kids. One vital aspect of children’s health is fun, active workouts that get them moving! The passion we share with our programs is teaching children how to enjoy being active so they can live long, healthy lives – and the battle is half won when we accomplish this. The other vital ingredient is diet.
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Active Kids

At NOVA Kids in Motion we take pride in helping children get active and enjoy the process. This generation spends a great deal of sedentary time due to the hours in school and screen time at home. Just as adults need to move and exercise regularly as a big part of being healthy, growing children are just as much in need of active lifestyles.
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