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Dina El Saharty

Dina discovered her passion for yoga back in 2011 and quickly fell in love with the practice. Born in Cairo, Egypt, she moved to the US when she was 3 years old and grew up in the DMV area. It wasn’t until Dina moved to Montréal for university that she realized yoga was about so much more than just a hobby! From stress and anxiety management, to better sleeping and eating habits, and to cultivating mindfulness, yoga became a priority. She knew she wanted to teach the practice and spread the joy of yoga to others. After receiving my BA in International Development from McGill University, Dina recognized the importance of mental health and building the mind-body connection. She received her 200hrs Yoga Teacher Training in 2017 and went on to teach other university students who struggled to balance their work and mental health. While pursuing her MA from Georgetown in Mindfulness Studies, Dina realized that mindfulness habits are best acquired from an even younger age. Dina recently joined NOVA Kids in Motion because she wants to help kids develop mindfulness habits to be better equipped at leading a balanced and active lifestyle. Dina considers her yoga mat a space for expression and creativity. While off the mat, Dina works full-time as a yoga studio assistant who leads meditation workshops and yoga trainings. A few guilty pleasures of hers – aromatherapy, astrology, and behavioral psychology books. She cant wait to see your child in class!

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